Property Owners

Oakland Property Services Inc. is a full service property management company providing marketing, resident relations, maintenance and accounting services to owner-investors in residential and commercial properties in the Dane County area.


A key factor in the success of a real estate investment is the quality of management.  With over thirty years of experience managing residential, retail and office space, Oakland’s team has the expertise to maximize the performance of your real estate investment.  Not only do we handle the day-to-day details, we can advise you on the larger, long term considerations necessary to maximize the value of your investment.


Owners want to meet their investment goals, but those goals cannot be met without the financial support of the residents.


Residents are looking for service, a good home and value for their rental dollar. By providing outstanding service to our residents, we enhance the value they receive for their rental dollars.  In turn, the property will be well maintained and produce more revenue, maximizing the owner’s return.


We are proud that this approach has allowed Oakland to outperform the market for years. We have truly enjoyed the many long term relationships we have had with our customers, both owners and residents.

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