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Welcome to Oakland Property Services.
We offer a great selection of apartment homes in Madison, Wisconsin. Many are located in the downtown and campus area.
With our great variety of apartments to choose from... we are sure we have one that is right for you.
Start searching our many options today or give us a call at 608-257-1000.


Oakland Property Services is looking for a full  or part time Leasing Agent and also a full time Maintenance Technician. If you are interested in real estate and like to meet new people, this may be the job for you. please contact Mike at extension 305 if you are interested.

421 W. Gilman St. Exterior
213 N. Hamilton St. Exterior
932 Drake St. Exterior
608 S. Mills St. Exterior
537 W. Doty St. Exterior
436 W. Washington Ave. Exterior
417 W. Mifflin St. Exterior
413 W. Mifflin St. Exterior
1201 Williamson St. Exterior
420 W. Washington Ave. Exterior
4536 Stein Ave. Exterior
4578 McCann Road Exterior
539 W. Doty St. Exterior
601 E. Johnson St. Exterior
426 W. Washington Ave. Exterior
4602 Stein Ave. Exterior
4801 Kim Lane Exterior
1728 Van Hise Ave. Exterior
418 W. Washington Ave. Exterior
1329 Glacier Hill Drive Exterior
1236 Williamson St. Exterior
Sherman Terrace
430 W. Washington Ave. Exterior
410 Butler Street Exterior
1111 E. Johnson St. Exterior
1639 Monroe St. Exterior
219 N. Brooks St. Exterior
2950 Tomahawk Ct. Exterior
301 N. Pinckney St. Exterior
410.5 E. Washington Ave. Exterior
410 E. Washington Exterior
1005 Grant St. Exterior
1025 E. Gorham St. Exterior
1810 Winnebago St. Exterior
130 N. Hancock St. Exterior
137 W. Gilman St. Exterior
8 N. Franklin St. Exterior
152 E. Gorham St. Exterior
434 W. Washington Ave.
219 N. Frances St. Exterior
9 N. Hancock St. Exterior
12 N. Franklin St. Exterior
106 S. Hancock St. Exterior
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